Monday, October 3, 2016

Golden Jalapeno cheese balls - Gluten and Lactose free recipe -

Why not make an extra treat for the BBQ dish or just enjoy anyway. Dangerously good !
Fried spicy Jalapeno cheese balls.

Recipe for 15 balls

- Jalapeno hot   Fine cut 1 tea spoon per ball or how strong u like it to be
- Cheddar cheese   15 Cheddar slices. Ready packed .
- Water  1 dl
- Flour  1,5 dl
- Fibre husk  1 table spoon
- Salt  2 tea spoon
- Egg white   From one egg
- Butter 2 table spoons melted

- Rapeseed oil, corn or olive oil to deep fry in depending what u like

I started to make the cheese balls.
Add one tea spoon fine hacked hot Jalapeno to one slice cheese. Now u bake it to a nice firm ball.
Do this until all balls are ready.

Next step is to have the batter to cover the cheese balls with.
Whisk the egg white separately until fluffy
Mix the fibre husk with tepid water and let be for a few minutes.
Melt the butter. Then u mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.
You should get a thick creamy batter. Now it´s ready to be used.

Start heat up the oil . Might take a few minutes to cook up.

Now you dip the cheese balls in the batter and make sure it´s covered all around.
When ready with all the balls the oil should be hot enough for deep frying. You know the oil is ready if u dip a small stick or something in it and it starts bubble and cook around it.

Now the fun starts. It´s time to fry the balls. Just make sure to be careful and never throw any water on the oil if a fire starts or u get scared of the intensive cooking.

Don´t fry all the balls at the same time. Just a few at the time. Make sure the balls don´t get stuck during the frying. When removed it will break and the cheese will float out in the oil and the ball will be destroyed .You might need a few tests before u find a smooth way to do it.
It only takes a few minutes . The balls should get a nice golden color .
Now u should have some nice golden nuggets to enjoy. You should eat them shortly after when they are creamy and warm.When cold the cheese hardens but still good though.

Dangerously delicious !!