Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wildboar summer sausage

Had to try making some sausage again.
Read a lot about a sausage called summer sausage. A pretty easy sausage to make it seemed to be and it looked very tasty also. Something between a Salami and Mortadella or Falukorv as we like a lot in Sweden.

This is what I used for above 2 big sausages.

- Wild boar meat 1,7 kgs   Ham and Loin parts in this case.(Other meat can be used also for sure )
- Pork lard  0,3 kgs
- Black pepper crushed  5 tsp
- Garlic powder  3 tsp
- Onion powder  3 tsp
- Mustard seeds yellow  3 tsp
- Mustard seeds yellow crushed 2 tsp
- Liquid smoke 5 tsp
- Water 4 dl
- Nitre salt 2-3 % based on the meat weight u use
- Sausage casing . In this case a red fiber skin . Dimension 69 mm , 600 mm long .
- Some cotton thread to tie up the sausage ends with

Now the fun starts when u have all the ingredients u need.
The meat u use should always be very cold or almost freezed when u work with it.
Also the equipment used as it helps keep the cold during the process.

I started to make the spice slury first. Mixing all the pepper, garlic, onion , mustard , salt , water and liquid smoke in a bowl and mixed it well .

Next step I started to cut up the meat and lard in nice smaller chunks that fitted in the grinder.
Then grind it well. I used the smallest holes . When the meat is grinded it should be very fine  .

Now I mix the minced meat with the spice slury. make sure it´s mixed well .
This will be a very fine paste now. I used my washed hands with some Vinyl gloves on.
Can also use a big wood spoon or similar. Just takes a few minutes .

Then it´s time to fill the sausage casings. I can grind the meat and fill the casing with the machine I have. In this case I think u could also fill the casings with your hands or spoon directly as the big dimension if u don´t have the equipment. Make sure u pack the casing well. U don´t want air pockets if u can avoid them.

When the casings are filled you tie the ends. You then take a clean needle and pick small holes where u find air pockets as they should be removed if possible,

I cleaned the sausages in cold water and dried them off with a clean towel before I put them in the refrigerator over night for some needed curing time before the next step.

The next afternoon about 24 hours later it was time put them in the oven for the final stage.
The oven temperature was set on 80 degrees Celcius.
When the sausage inner temperature reach 70 degrees Celcius it should be ready.
For me it took about 4,5 hours. U need to make sure u have a good control over the temperatures.
The oven and the sausage temperature. The first hour I had a small opening in the oven to let out moist . Then it was closed for the rest of the time.

As soon as the sausage inner temperature reached 70 degrees celicius it was time to remove it from the oven. It also has to be chilled down quickly they say so I did.
I put it under cold water for a few minutes. Then a a little later when it had cold down enough it was put in the refrigerator again over night. When chilled down it was ready to be enjoyed.
I had to taste short after the remove from the oven and it was very good and tasty warm also.

This sausage is called summer sausage as they used to make this historically to last a few month over the summer season. A sausage farmers and wood workers brought with them when they were out on the fields or in the woods working.

A perfect sausage for the active people today out in the nature.
Any meat can be used for this but the temperatures can vary a little depending on what type of meat.

You can for sure also avoid the liquid smoke and oven and hang it in a smoker instead if u have it.
This worked perfect though and it tasted just wonderful.

Good luck trying!