Saturday, March 4, 2017

Moose Breasola

                                                       Cutting Breasola video:

Moose Breasola worked out just perfect. Just wonderful !

Same process as for the Beef Breasola I usually make.
For this I used a nice 1,5 kg rump-steak (Fransyska) piece from a moose.
Clean the meat from any blood, fat and membranes etc.
Then time for the curing process.

For the cure I used:

Nitrite salt  1,5 dl
Black pepper 1 dl
Mixed herbs/spices 0,5 dl
Garlic  Powder  2 tbl spoons
Smoked Paprika powder 2 tbl spoons

Now I let the meat cure in this mix in a plastic bag for about 4 days in the refrigerator. Turn it around once in a while. Make sure the meat is covered in this orgy of flavors.

After 4 days I take out the meat from the refrigerator. You now have a lot of liquid in the plastic bag and the meat feels much firmer/harder.
I now clean the meat with cold water and dry it in a clean towel. 

If the meat having a nice shape u let it be but if not you can tie it up and make a nicer shape before the next step in the process.

These days I cover the meat again with with a nice layer of good spices before I hang it to cure . In the beginning I didn´t. You choose what u like but this is what I use today and it tastes wonderful.

Pepper mix with different peppers depening how strong u like it 1 dl
Mustad seed crushed  1 tbl spoon
Garlic powder 1 tbl spoon
Juniper crushed 1 tbl spoon
Onion powder  1 tbl spoon
Smoked paprika powder 1 tbl spoon

Use the spices u like and dare to test !

Now it should hang for about 3 weeks before ready to eat and loose about 30% of the weight.
I hang this piece next to my Prosciutto in the cellar room. About 20 degrees Celcius and 50% humidity right now. It changes a little during the seasons.

You can touch the meat after 3 weeks and if if feels pretty stiff it most probably read. Don´t want it to be rock hard either. When u slice it is should be firm but soft in the middle . If it doesn´t smell bad it should be ready to taste.
You won´t regret it and it won´t be the last time u make it I promise.

Good luck !