Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Duck Prosciutto

Had to test making some Duck Prosciutto

No good access today hunting my own ducks so had to buy some nice duck breasts from the grocery store this time.

The meat was covered in Nitrite salt and mixed spieces and peppers in a plastic bag for 3-4 days in the refrigerator to make sure salt penetrating the meat and some of the liquid disappearing from the meat.
I use 8-10 % salt compared to the meat weight. A ready mixed Nitrite salt.

After a few days I wash the meat with cold water to remove salt and spieces.
Dry off the meat with a clean towel and then cover the meat again with some new fresh spices and herbs.
Now I roll the breast tight with the fat layer covering the outside. This will prevent the meat from drying to fast . I tie the rolls with food cotton thread .

Now it´s ready to be hanged and cured for some time.
The room temperature I have is about 20 degrees Celsius and the Humidity is about 50%.

I hanged this January 13 , 2017.
March 27, 2017 I sliced it and tested. Very firm and nice. The color was red and beautiful.
Smelled good and tasted very nice. But I think this one will have to hang some more.
I think it can dry some more and get some more nice flavors if I give it some extra time.

Let´s say 1-2 more month and I think it will be perfect.

Very easy and very tasty. Try it out!