Saturday, November 26, 2016

Cured pork tenderloin - Lonzino -

Cured and spiced meat is so good!

This one should also be pretty easy to make so why not test it.
They call it Lonzino in Italy. Cured pork tenderloin. Takes only 10-14 days until ready.

After trimming the tenderloin I give it a 2 day 8% Nitrite salt bath .
Depending on how thick the meat is but for this enough with 2 days.

After the bath I wash the meat in cold water a few seconds to remove salt from the outside of the meat. Then dry it with a clean towel . Then it´s time for the spieces.

I had 2 tenderloins and why not try with different spices . One for each.

The first:

- Black pepper crushed ( The Main spice on this one )
- Garlic Powder
- Yellow onion powder
- Red paprika powder
- Parsley powder

The second:

- Smoked red paprika powder ( The Main spice on this one )
- Cumin powder
- Nutmeg powder
- Ginger powder
- Sage powder

Make sure to rub in and cover the meat with the spieces.
You use as much as u like and the spice variation to be used must be endless.

Now it´s time to hang the meat for 10-14 days in my cellar room.
+23 C Humidity 50% can vary a little.

In a few days from now I will have a first taste and I will let u know what I think about the result.
I will also add some new pictures then showing it sliced and ready to be enjoyed.

You can for sure use what ever pork tenderloin u have available.

Worth trying !