Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pink Wildboar Dreams

Had to try something new with my wild boar meat.
Just picked the red Goose berries from the garden. Know that Goose berries are perfect for fat fish, duck and pork. Why not make a nice Goose berry sauce next time when grilling the wildboar meat.

There are a lot of recipes for Goose berry sauce out there. Checked around and found one I believed in and wanted to try.

This is the recipe for Goose berry sauce. Didn´t have any measures to follow and had to improvise a little but I was happy with the result though.

U don´t need that much sauce just enough to sprinkle on the food . This recipe is enough for 6-8 people at least.

- Goose berries 1 litre  ( red berries in this case )
- Yellow Onions 2 big
- 0,5 kg butter
- Star anise  2 stars
- Salt
- Black pepper
- Water 0,1 litres
- Meat stock 0,2 litres
- Sugar 0,1 litres

Start to clean, top and tail the Goose berries. Put them into a pan with a splash of water with the star anise. Cook over a low heat into they break down to a creamy pulp.

Besides that u prepare the stock. You can also use chicken or vegetable stock as u prefer it.

You also chop ans sauté the onions in butter until soft and translucent.
Now adding the stock and let it cook for another 10-15 minutes on low heat.
Don´t want to burn anything.

When ready u strain the onions in a another pan . Then strain the Goose berries in the same pan.
Add a little salt, pepper and the sugar. Taste and add some more if needed.
Finally cook up on a low heat and add some corn flour to make the sauce thicken.
Make sure to stir to avoid burning and or to thick sauce. I like it smooth and creamy like a nice Bearnaise sauce. I end adding some extra butter in the sauce. Can never be to much....

Hopefully u result in a beautiful pink red almost dangerous looking sauce.
A little bit of sour taste from the Goose berries but with a nice buttery onion taste in the background.
The sourness is nice to fat meat.

This time I used some ham and file from wild hog. The meat I spiced with salt and black pepper only.
The ham I cut open and filled with a lot of Gorgonzola cheese and white Asparagus.
Closed the meat and covered it with bacon . Used wooden tooth picks to make sure it held together.

The files I opened and filled with Cheddar Cheese and white asparagus and covered with bacon also.
Because I know some of the younger kids prefer this milder cheese taste.

While grilling the meat we prepared potato cloves in the oven with herbs and oil.
We also made a nice Mozzarella salad with sliced red onions, cherry tomatoes and Balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.

Finally we ended up with a superb dinner.