Friday, November 25, 2016

Wild boar spare ribs roll

Had to test something new with some wild boar spare ribs.
Why not remove the bones and make some kind of roll with some tasty stuffing for a change.

What kind of stuffing should I use?
For sure something I like to eat. Something that might be good to mix together.

Cheese ! I like some creamy cheese . Who doesn´t ?  That´s the main ingredient except the meat then.
Some kind of cheese everybody in the family is okay with.
I choosed a ready mix with Cheddar and Mozzarella . Can´t be wrong.

Then u like to have some other good flavors that pops in your mouth and gives u another dimension. Only cheese is to boring . I made a small piece with only cheese though for my youngest . Nice daddy.
I thought Caper might be nice. Spread it all over. Could have used more though. 

Then some Anchovies to give a nice tasty saltiness.

That´s enough I thought. Very easy to over do things .I know. 
Could have added something strong and spicy also. Was thinking about adding some Jalapeno also.
Next time maybe.

What did I use:

- Wild boar spare ribs from one small pig 50 kgs . What ever spare ribs u have in place might do.
- Cheese 500 grams  mixed Cheddar and Mozzarella . What ever u like.
- Caper as much as u like. Look at the picture. Could have used some more.
- Anchovies 80 grams . Look at the picture. Could have used some more. 
- Salt
- Black pepper
- Garlic powder
- Egg  one
- Bread crumbles
- Butter salty  200 grams
- Olive oil 1/2 dl
- Cotton twine 

How did I make this roll?

First I covered the meat with salt, pepper and garlic powder as much as I felt was enough.
After that I covered the meat with a thick cheese layer. Adding the Caper and Anchovies on top.

Then it was time to make roll without all yummies falling out. I tied the rolls with some Cotton twine.
You can see the picture. 

Next step was to whisk an egg . Brush the meat rolls with the egg and cover it with bread crumbles.
Adding butter and oil in a frying pan and heat it up until it stops bubble.
Then hot enough and ready for some frying. Now I fry the meat on all sides until it gets a nice golden brown crunchy surface. Adding melt butter on top of the meat from the frying pan with a spoon while frying. Now it was ready to be finished in the oven. Temperature set at 200 degrees Celcius.
After about 1 hour in the oven the meat inner temperature reached + 80 degrees Celcius and was ready. 

It tasted great and everybody in the family liked it. 
Have to try it again some day.

To this I served French fries / Chips and a nice tomato/red onion sallad with Balsamic vinegar.
A glass red wine for the adults.
No more no less. Nice!