Monday, January 9, 2017

Confit Wildboar ham

They say confit meat is tender and tasty so I needed to try it out.
Had a few wildboar hams ready for the smoker but couldn´t fit them all in it.
So why not try to confit one of them.

The hams had already been marinated in 8% salt water for a few days and was ready.
If 8% works for the smoker it will work well for the confit process also I thought and it did.

I know duck fat is good when u confit but more expensive and difficult to get. Other oils works well also. In this case Rape oil was used. 

I used a casserole big enough for the ham. Filled it up with Rape oil until the meat was covered.
Added some mixed herbs,black pepper , garlic cloves, carrots and some leek I found in the refrigerator. Taking what I found at home more or less.

Now the casserole was put in to the oven at 90-100 degrees Celcius . Just close to boiling but not.
There it stayed for 7-8 hours. I tested once in a while with a knife to see if the meat started to loosen up from the bones. It finally did .The bones got cleaned from every little piece of meat when I started to remove it. Just perfect.

The meat was removed from the oil. So tender and tasty. The oil makes sure u don´t get any dry meat at all. Then u serve this meat with something u prefer . It´s similar to pulled pork.

The oil was filtered and can be used a few more times before thrown away. The more u use it the more good flavors u get for the next meal.

We will for sure try this again. No meat waste at all and very tasty !