Saturday, March 4, 2017

Gambas A Ajillo

Cooking in the oil:

This is a dish I always want to east when visiting Spain.
Gambas A Ajillo ( Shrimps, a lot of garlic and Chili pepper bathing in hot boiling oil )

Ingredients for 5 persons:

Shrimps   In this case 30 big Tiger Shrimps
Garlic  15 garlic cloves fine sliced
Chili pepper 2 chili fruits cut in pieces
Parsley  As garniture on top as green as u like it to be
Oil  5 dl  In this case a virgin olive oil 
Salt  a few pintches
Pepper  1 tbl spoon crushed black pepper
Bread  Rustic bread to dip with

First make sure the shrimps are thawed ( Not froozen ).
Add the garlic, peppers and salt to the oil and start cook it.
After about 5-10 minutes u can see the garlic changing color to nice golden brown .
Then it´s time to add the shrimps.After 2-3 minutes the dish is ready to be enjoyed.

Now serv it still bubbling on the plates. Add some Parsley as garnish on top.
Serv with some nice rustic bread like painriche to dip in the hot garlic oil .

This is one of the best dishes I know.
Good luck!