Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brown bear visit close call

This is one of my places where I use to hunt wild boar.
A big brown bear male visiting looking for some easy food . Midnight June 21, 2016.
As u can see it crushed the hard plastic barrel with food for the pigs. No pigs have this force.

2 weeks earlier I shot a wild boar exactly here. A week later after I shot the pig I went out there to throw out some food to the pigs and checking the camera.
U could see some pictures of some pigs just before I shot one. Then a picture of me when I walk out there to the shot pig. Nothing strange with that.
Normally there won´t be much actions there after that as all the animals are scared away. But not this night.

Just 30 minutes after I left the camera takes another picture. It´s a picture with bad quality but u could see it isn´t a pig though. Seems bigger and wolf/bear like.  Normally only pigs walking here.
Me and my friends looked at the picture and we were pretty sure it was a bear.
Oh my!! I thought. Was it there all the time while I was there just luring in the bushes?
Anyway the timing with only 30 minute margin felt a little to close....

A week after the bad quality picture I went out there again to throw out some food and check the camera.
Now I see the crushed barrel and some bear foot prints in the mud. Ops I thought.
Then we most probably where right about the picture.
When checking the camera and new photos I got the evidence. The bear pictures above.
Wow ! It was a big male brown bear. Probably the one I´ve seen 2 times earlier during the years.
I start to think it wants to join me or something else.....

Don´t think this is the last time. Gives a little extra touch to the hunting knowing u might not be alone out there....

                                                    Here is the bad quality picture.

Never boring out hunting !