Saturday, June 4, 2016

Chorizo making at home

Finally making some sausage again.
This time Chorizo with my own final touch . I can say this won´t be the last time. You for sure never know the end result when mixing and testing as now but it honestly tasted fantastic.

This is the recipe :

Pork loin 1 kg
Pork belly 0,2 kg
Paprika red smoked 15 gram
Paprika red sweet 15 gram
Black pepper corns 15-20 gram
Cinnamon stick 2 gram
Carnation 2 gram
Oregano  2 gram
Aniseed 2 gram
Cayenne pepper 2 gram
Chili pepper 2 gram
Sage 5 gr (Fresh leafs from the herb garden this time)
Salt 2 table spoons
Garlic 5 cloves
Nutmeg 2 gram
White vine vinegar 3-4 table spoons
Casing from pig 3-5 meters enough

First thing in the morning or the night before start making the sausage the frozen casing needed to lay in cold water for about 4 hours before it was ready to be used.

Next step is to start grinding and mixing all the spices in a can.
When u have grinded all the herbs and spices to a fine mix u start adding the viengar until u get a nice paste.

Then u can start working with the meat.
The Pork loin is cut into smaller pieces so it fit into the grinder machine . Then grinded to
a medium sized minzed meat with size about 5 mm.
The pork belly is cut in small sizes with a knife. A little thicker then the pork loin meat. Not grinded.

Now u can start mixing all the meat and the spice paste.
I worked it through with my hands for about 10 minutes, Using some thin plastic gloves .

Finally it was time to start making the sausages.
Ending up with about 8-10 sausages with the length about 15 cm.

When u starting to get the feeling for the sausage making u are out of meat unfortunately.
It´s pretty fun work when u start seeing the nice creations popping up in front of u.

Now I know this mix works just perfect and next time soon I will at least double or tipple it.

Good luck !