Sunday, June 12, 2016

Smoked Rainbow trout

This morning the 0,7 kg Rainbow trout I caught while fly fishing in a near by lake called Skysjön the other day ended up in my smoker.

Just salted it inside and outside a little bit more then u think should be enough. Let the salt suck in to the meat while lighting up the smoker.
Make sure u have a good heat in the smoker before u add the the fish in to it. It´s for sure different methods how u should do this but I think around 100 degrees Celcius is good for this kind of fish.

I like the fish to get cooked pretty fast in the smoker until the inner temperature reach about 45 degrees celcius. You want it smoked just enough to feel the nice smoke flavors. Not taste like an ash tray. After about 50 minutes the fish was ready this time.

As this is a manual smoker I use the temperatures can be difficult sometimes to keep steady.
You need to monitor the smoker pretty frequently. But this is the sport and challenge also I feel.

Alder tree wood chips was used with some apple wood chucks to get the smoke.

Finally the fish was ready and ended up on the breakfast sandwich .
Bread a lot of nice salty butter and the fresh warm newly smoked fish. Nothing more.

Just like heaven !