Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chanterelle butter

We use to make garlic butter sometimes for the BBQ meat. Very nice indeed.
Found a lot of Chanterelles this autumn so why not try to do some Chanterelle butter.

The mushrooms are tasty as they are when having them fried with the meat or in a nice sauce.
Why not in some nice butter and having it melt on top of the juicy tender steak or on the fries.

This is the recipe for this butter: 

- Chanterelles  A big pan filled ( Or others u like )
- Yellow Onion  1 big 
- Garlic  2 cloves
- Black pepper  A table spoon
- Salt  A table spoon
- Butter salty  1 kg

You start frying the mushrooms in a big pan together with some butter , the nicely cut onion ,garlic, salt and pepper until most moist gone and y have a nice fried surface. Not burned though.

Then u let the mix cool down and start cutting it until u have the size u like it to have.
Now you start mixing it with the butter. Make sure u mix it well .

Now it´s time to make sausages of the butter mix.. I formed the sausages in plastic foil. Then it was ready and put into the freezer.

For the next BBQ I can bring it out and cut the slices I want. Making my food drown in flood of tasty buttery chanterelle aromas with a touch of garlic.

Can`t be much better then this !