Sunday, September 11, 2016

Chanterelles for keeping

It´s a great year for mushrooms in Sweden and top season right now for it.
The temperature is getting a little bit colder and it´s really nice having a long walk in the woods.

There is a lot of different mushrooms all over right now but if you aren´t an expert you should for sure be careful what u pick as some can be really sneaky and you can easily get really sick or in worst case die eating them or preparing them incorrect.
I have learned over the years a few mushrooms I dare to pick. The mushroom most Swedes feels sure about to pick is the Chanterelle. There are few different kinds but they are pretty easy to learn to recognize and it´s for sure one of the most tasty to eat so that´s for sure very good.

As we find so much Chanterelles this year we thought it would be good to dry some also.
As I have a machine for this why not use it . I usually only dry beef jerky in it .
One year I dried the mushrooms on some trays for a few weeks so u really don´t need any machines.

This machine dried the mushrooms after about 10 hours at 70 degrees Celcius. You want them to be really crispy . Then u know they are ready.

Now we could fill up some glass jars with rubber sealings making sure to avoid any moist.
The dried mushrooms can now be stored for years without any problems. Keep them in a dark
room though or cabinet.

Now u have the most delicious seasoning for sauces. Take some and mix down in the sauce.
Have some in the stew or casserole. If u haven´t crushed the mushrooms u can add them in water and they will pretty much get back to the origin texture before drying them.

If u like the Chanterelle flavor the possibilities are endless here.