Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chanterelle butter

We use to make garlic butter sometimes for the BBQ meat. Very nice indeed.
Found a lot of Chanterelles this autumn so why not try to do some Chanterelle butter.

The mushrooms are tasty as they are when having them fried with the meat or in a nice sauce.
Why not in some nice butter and having it melt on top of the juicy tender steak or on the fries.

This is the recipe for this butter: 

- Chanterelles  A big pan filled ( Or others u like )
- Yellow Onion  1 big 
- Garlic  2 cloves
- Black pepper  A table spoon
- Salt  A table spoon
- Butter salty  1 kg

You start frying the mushrooms in a big pan together with some butter , the nicely cut onion ,garlic, salt and pepper until most moist gone and y have a nice fried surface. Not burned though.

Then u let the mix cool down and start cutting it until u have the size u like it to have.
Now you start mixing it with the butter. Make sure u mix it well .

Now it´s time to make sausages of the butter mix.. I formed the sausages in plastic foil. Then it was ready and put into the freezer.

For the next BBQ I can bring it out and cut the slices I want. Making my food drown in flood of tasty buttery chanterelle aromas with a touch of garlic.

Can`t be much better then this !


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Salsicca home made

Made some Salsicca this weekend.
What is more delicious and also pretty simple to make.
I made it with 2 different flavors/seasonings .

This is the recipe for about 22-25 of these hand size sausages :

The base :
Pork lean meat  1500 gr
Pig lard 500 gr
Salt 35 gr
White wine or water 1 dl
Black pepper crushed 6 gr

Pig casing 5 meters should be enough
You also need some equipment to be able to stuff the casings in a good way.

Seasoning 1:
Fennel crushed 4 gr

Seasoning 2:
Garlic powder or fresh crushed  3 gr
Salve powder or fresh crushed 3 gr

Day 1.
Prepare though is a good thing to remember when making sausage.
I started to cut the meat and lard one day ahead in small nice chunks easy to add in the grinder.
I put it in the freezer over night as u need cold meat and equipment to work with.

I also added the grinder parts that should be in contact with the meat to the freezer overnight.
Just make sure u have some extra space there. I had to make some space this time.

If you have the casing in the freezer make sure to remove it from there.
You can put it a bowl with water over night.

Day 2. Making day

1-2 hours before you want to start making the sausages u remove the meat from the freezer.
Doesn´t need to be rock hard cold. Need to be able to work with also.

You should also make sure to run water a few times through the casing before using it.
Do this in good time.

Start meassuring the seasoning and add it in 2 bowls if u like to try 2 different flavors like me.
If not u should double the seasoning as the meassures above are for the total meat volume.

Now it´s getting time to get started with the fun job making the sausage sort of speak.

Start adding the salt on the meat. Then it´s time to mix it in the grinder. Use the bigger holes 4-5 mm.
When the meat is grinded u split it in two halves and 2 different bowles.
Add the seasonings and make sure to mix it well with your hands or a blender. I used my hands and it was very cold but it worked.

Start adding the casing to the sausage equipment. Now it´s time to start filling the casings. This is the
fun part of making sausage when it works out and the casing is good quality.

The sausage length can for sure differ depending on how u like it to be. In this case to get 22-25 sausages u need to make them about 10 cms in length.
Make sure to make a knot in the end of the casing to make sure the meat stays in the casing.
Then u twist the sausage a few rounds when u have the desired length . The next sausage you twist the opposite way and keep on this until no more casing. You end for sure with another knot.

Difficult to explain the technique. You need to try and make mistakes also to be able to learn.
I did this myself but it´s better if somebody can help assisting during the sausage final process.

Now the sausage is ready .
Both seasonings are great but the fennel sausage is just wonderful when grilling it.

I hope u enjoy it !

Chanterelles & Porcino Heaven

The mushroom season is here in Sweden.
Finding a lot of delicious mushrooms right now when walking in the woods.
Chanterelles and Porcinos are some of the most delicious u can find out there.

It´s lovely to serve with other food or in sauces but why not enjoy only the mushrooms as they are. Feel the wonderful taste and aroma in a nice concentrated way.

The best way to do this is to fry the mushrooms with some nice salty butter and a little bit of pepper.
When the moist from the mushrooms have steamed away and the mushrooms getting a nice brown goldish color they are ready to be enjoyed. Just eating them as they are is lovely but putting them on a piece of nice bread with a lot of butter is the perfect way I think.

If the butter starts dripping down your hands and mouth when u eat this.
Then u know u are in heaven.

Chanterelles for keeping

It´s a great year for mushrooms in Sweden and top season right now for it.
The temperature is getting a little bit colder and it´s really nice having a long walk in the woods.

There is a lot of different mushrooms all over right now but if you aren´t an expert you should for sure be careful what u pick as some can be really sneaky and you can easily get really sick or in worst case die eating them or preparing them incorrect.
I have learned over the years a few mushrooms I dare to pick. The mushroom most Swedes feels sure about to pick is the Chanterelle. There are few different kinds but they are pretty easy to learn to recognize and it´s for sure one of the most tasty to eat so that´s for sure very good.

As we find so much Chanterelles this year we thought it would be good to dry some also.
As I have a machine for this why not use it . I usually only dry beef jerky in it .
One year I dried the mushrooms on some trays for a few weeks so u really don´t need any machines.

This machine dried the mushrooms after about 10 hours at 70 degrees Celcius. You want them to be really crispy . Then u know they are ready.

Now we could fill up some glass jars with rubber sealings making sure to avoid any moist.
The dried mushrooms can now be stored for years without any problems. Keep them in a dark
room though or cabinet.

Now u have the most delicious seasoning for sauces. Take some and mix down in the sauce.
Have some in the stew or casserole. If u haven´t crushed the mushrooms u can add them in water and they will pretty much get back to the origin texture before drying them.

If u like the Chanterelle flavor the possibilities are endless here.