Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Home made bacon and egg toast

What can be more delicious to eat then a simple bacon and egg toast.
Only a 10-15 minutes job to make.

Heat up a frying pan with some nice real butter.
Let it melt and start bubbling and get this golden brown nice color. Then u fry up some slices of white toast lightly  in this golden liquid. When ready put them on a plate.

Add more butter in the pan and start frying the eggs.
Try to keep the egg yolks whole during the process .
1-2 eggs per toast. Season with some salt and black pepper . Add the eggs on top of the toasts.

Now it´s time for the Bacon. In this case home made smoked bacon. Fry them as long as you like.
Good either way if not burned to much. Then u add the bacon on top of the toast.
Punch a whole in the egg yolk so it flows out and makes a nice yellow cream floating across the toast.

Now u have the most fantastic delight to enjoy!