Thursday, April 21, 2016

Smoking Perch in wonderful Geta , Åland

This is a great memory from summer 2014 when we rented a nice cabin in Geta, Åland together with some good friends.
The weather was great this week and the fishing turned out really good when we finally found them.
At this cabin down by the sea we had our own really fine smoker. Great surprise!

The first 2 days we didn´t get any fish and thougt the sea was dead but then we find the spot and started to catch some really big sized Pearches.
Finally we could start smoking.  
The first big catch we smoked didn´t turn out well unfortunately. We cooked it to long and the fish got dry and chewy. Big disappointment for sure.
But we didn´t give up. It´s funny fishing and when u catch fish it´s just wonderful.
We got a new nice catch and we gave it another go.
This time giving the smoker some more heat and we didn´t smoke it to long this time.
To get the smoke we used juniper wood growing close by. Don´t recall how long we smoked it but it didn´t take that long this time. Didn´t want to do the same mistake twice.

A great time waiting for the result. Something cold to drink in the hot sun. Smelling the wonderful smoke and ocean air and the best ocean view u can ever imagine.

This time the fish turned out just perfect. So good so nice!