Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wild boar down

Yesterday evening I went out hunting for wild boar again. What is better then bringing home your own wild meat directly from the wilderness. Being able to do the basic hunting our ancestors once did. You know the animal had a good life and u know the meat is natural and fresh.

Have been out a lot lately and the pigs have been there almost every time.
But every time they have been cautious. They most probably sense my smell in the wind scaring them away.  This night the wind seemed to be in a good direction .
2 pigs entered the scene from the wood around 20:30. It was still pretty light out.
They moved fast across back and forth and they looked at my hunting hut all the time.
I didn´t dare moving to much and aim with the rifle as they were only 15-20 meters away.
It was 2 young boars around 50 kgs each.
I almost got my chance at last starting to aim slowly but they moved on in to the bush again.

They were gone and the time was ticking.
They usually snort loudly when they mark they have sensed u. Now they didn´t sound at all.
I thought they might come back a little bit later again when the dark covered them better.
I was right. Around 22:00 it was much darker and the birds stopped singing for the day.
2 dark shadows appeared on the scene again. Now they were much more relaxed and moved slowly.
They finally stopped . I lift my rifle and aimed. It was enough light in the scoope and I could see the animals pretty clear.
I made sure the animal I aimed at was alone and nothing behind. Aimed at the shoulder were u are supposed to aim . A big forgiving area covering the lungs. Hitting the lungs the animal bleed to death very quickly and you minimize the risk of wounding the animal and the need for a search.

The shot went off and everything went blending light from the rifle fire.
I could hear the animals running rapidly toward the bush. Focusing on listening towards what direction the animal was heading for. Felt I had a pretty good idea where though. You can´t see anything in the dark for a short while when u get blinded from the rifle fire.

I could hear my heart pumping from adrenaline . I gave it a few minutes  . Reloaded the rifle with a bullet in the chamber before I left the hut to check for the pig.
I arrived to the shooting area started to look for blood , lungbits or anything . Nothing.
Got a little bit worried for a possible search and a long night ahead.

I picked up my car to get some extra light over the shooting area. Didn´t find nada.
Now I went to the the bush where I thougt the pig run in. Around 10-15 meters from the shooting area. Put on an extra headlamp and started searching the ground.

There it was finally . A small blood drop and then another heading in one direction.
It was promising but a little bit worrying . Should have been a road of blood now giving a positive indication.
I heading for the bush . Bending down seaching for drops. Not many at all. Unsecuring the rifle ready to shoot if any mad pig attacks from nowhere.
Now I´m about 15 meters in the bush. I´m sweaty and confused but there 5 meters away I see a body.
Yes! It´s my pig. It´s dead. I see the blood in the shoulder area and the open dead eyes and feel good about the result. The bullet hit where it was supposed. A few pictures of the beautiful animal was taken. Feeling very humble and grateful .

The rope was still in the car and I forgot the gloves also.
The pig wasn´t that big so I grabbed a leg and started pulling it towards the car. When I started to see the car I went there for the rope to drag it the last 15 meters.
50 kgs dead meat through the dens bush is pretty rough when u carrying the rifle in the the other hand. But it was secured though.

This was for sure a good exercise for a guy like me.
The pig was loaded to the car in a big plastic box. Then sitting down in the car relaxing for a few minutes catching the breath and drink some water before bragging on Facebook.
Then I left for home.

Got home about 23:00 . Then the big job started to gut the animal and remove the skin.
Was a while now since last time but the routine were not forgotten though.
00:30 I was in bed .

Now we finally have some new fantastic meat for the smoker and grill to last a few weeks anyway.
Good material I suppose for a new post on this blog shortly.

Be careful out there!