Sunday, April 17, 2016

Smoked wild boar

The shoulders from a 50 kgs wild boar are perfect for the smoker.
After 10 long hours in the smoker reaching an inner temperature of 70 degrees celcius it´s ready.
Perfect the day after sliced and served cold with a nice creamy potato gratin with a lot of garlic.
A nice cold beer or a glass of red wine.

Yummy !


Wild boar shoulders
Cured in saltwater 5% salt and 95% water.( Salt % depending how salty u like it )
Nitrite salt added to get some red nice color to the meat.

The meat will hang in the smoker for 10 hours. Alder wood chips used.
Trying to keep the temperatur between 70-90 degrees celcius for as long as possible.
In the end speeding up the Temperatures to about 100-110 degrees celcius.
Finishing with a handful sugar on the fire to give the meat a goldish color touch.
Remove from smoker and enjoy !

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