Sunday, April 17, 2016

Home made Pancetta ready to enjoy

                                                                          April 16

This weekend I hanged two pieces of pork belly in my cellar after beeing cured with salt, blackpepper and some other spices for one week.
Now it will hang for about 2 month. The hope is to end up with a kind of  Pancetta as a result.


2 pieces of pork belly. 1 kg each.

Cured for one week in:

0,5 kgs salt ( 0,3 kgs Nitrite salt )
1 dl crushed black pepper
5 garlic cloves crushed
1 tea spoon ginger powder
1 tea spoon cummin powder
2 tea spoon chili powder

After beeing cured one week in a plastic bag the meat was hanged in a room in the cellar keeping
a steady 18 degrees celcius temperature .

Will now hang for 2 month.

This is the result after 10 days. Shrinking a lot and getting a little dry in the corners. But still smelling good and can´t see any mold. Getting a little more redish and attractive though.
See if there will be anything left when ready. Still a long way to go though....

The picture showing start and now.

                                    April 26                                                                 April 16

                                                               Jun 7

A fresh photo above . Only 8 more days to go before the true test.
Smells very good and doesn´t feel hard like a stone. Hopefully beeing able to slice with a knife when time is in.


Finally !!

Supposed to hang a few more days. But I felt it was time to take a first test bite.
I have been smelling at the meat for some time now and it smells so good. The smell u suppose it should taste also. Today I couldn´t wait any longer.
Sliced a few pieces and tasted.  It was just so perfect . I really didn´t know what to expect.
The smell promised something good though and it was.

Will enjoy this with a slice now and then with family and friends.
It was 2 big chunks when I started the process and now only one third left so it won´t last very long
I´m afraid....

Now I know it works though and can start planning to make sure there is always new pieces hanging and waiting to be enjoyed.

So happy !