Monday, July 25, 2016

Beef Breasola project Finished

Time to try making some Beef Breasola.
4 days ago I started this short term project. Getting a piece of nice beef loin from the grocery store was the first step to start with. This piece weight about 1,5 kgs .
Clean the meat from any blood, fat and membranes etc.
Then time for the curing process.

For the cure I used:

Nitrite salt  0,7 dl
Black pepper 1/2 dl
Mixed pepper 1/2 dl
Mixed herbs/spices 0,5 dl
Garlic  Powder  2 table spoons
Smoked Paprika powder 2 table spoons

Now I let the meat cure in this mix . In a plastic bag for about 4 days in the refrigerator.
Now the meat will dry out because of the salt and get a lot of nice flavors from the spices and herbs.

After 4 days I take out the meat from the refrigerator. You now have a lot of liquid in the plastic bag and the meat feels much firmer/harder.
I now clean the meat with cold water and dry it in a clean towel. Then I tie up the meat with some cooking string to make a sausage kind of shape on it.  No need to I suppose but recipes say u should.

After that I add some new fresh crushed black pepper all over it and smoked paprika powder.

Now it should hang for about 3 weeks before ready to eat and loose about 30% of the weight.
I hang this piece next to my Prosciutto in the cellar room. About 23 degrees Celcius and 60% humidity right now.

I will let you know when I try it out and get back with some pictures.

Now after 3 weeks the meat is ready.

The result was just perfect. Nicely red and great taste.
This won´t be the last time I try this. 3 weeks is just long enough I think.