Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Risotto wild boar and chanterelles

Tonight we had a great dinner!
What is better then and nice cheesy risotto and why not combine this with some tasty grilled wild boar meat and top it with some spicy fried chanterelles .

Wild boar meat

A few nice slices wild boar meat marinated for 24 hours with some mixed herbs , salt, olive oil, syrup, smoked liquid, black pepper and salt. Don´t follow any recipe. Changing from time to time with what feels right.


Locally picked chanterelles fried with some butter, salt and black pepper until getting a nice dry crisp.


The risotto might need to be described a little bit closer . This one is very tasty for sure.

Recipe for 8 persons.

The ingredients:

- Arbora rice 6 dl
- Yellow onion  1 big  fine cut
- Garlic  4-5 big cloves  pressed or fine cut
- White wine 4 dl
- Stock meat/vegetable  2 litres
- Salt  1 table spoon
- Black pepper  1 table spoon
- Parmesan 0,2 kgs fine cut
- Butter 0,1 kg
- Olive oil 1 dl
- Dried chanterelles 1 dl

Start up a stove plate on maximum heat. Then u add a pot with the olive oil. Heat up the oil and start fry the onion and garlic util u get a fine golden surface.
Now u can start adding the white wine, half of the stock and the rice. Also add the salt, pepper and the dried chanterelles.
When the mix starts to boil up u turn down the heat to almost half. Now it should cook slowly.
Make sure to turn around the risotto once in a while to avoid burn it in the bottom.
Normally the process takes about 30 minutes until ready.
During this time u add the remaining stock as soon as the risotto starts to get to dry. Should be
moist and creamy during the whole process.
You should for sure taste and add salt and pepper if more needed.
When the rice starts to get the fine final texture u like u should add the Parmesan and when ready to serv u add the butter.

Now u have a wonderful dish .
For sure u can add some fresh vegetables to it also.
And a nice glass of red wine . Can´t be much better.