Monday, July 11, 2016

Home made cheese & bacon burger

What can be better than a nice big juicy home made cheese and bacon burger....

For sure u can make all the details in it by yourself but the best with home made is that u can mix whatever u like in it. Buy whatever fresh ingredients u like to use.

Why not make your own hamburger. Much nicer than the thin dry once u find in the store. For six big juicy burgers we used 1 kg minced beef.
A lot of crushed black pepper , salt , garlic powder and a table spoon hickory smoke liquid.
You mix they way u like it. Might add some spice to it also but we didn´t this time.

Of course u finish them on the grill. Make sure u get a nice grilled color surface on them.
When u feel that u soon have to remove the burgers. Add a nice slice of cheddar cheese on top and let it melt. Put on the lid on the grill a short while and the cheese will melt nicely on top of the burger.
Now u have a cheese burger ready.
Just before adding the burgers on the grill the bread was grilled quickly to get a nice grilled finish.

Make sure u don´r overcook the burgers now. With the fresh nice beef u want it a little red and juicy in the middle. Make sure though u have meat u can do this with. If not u give it a few extra minutes.
Should taste good anyway.

During the time bacon slices was grilled in the oven until crispy and nice.

Now time to put together the package with ingredients.
For this burger I used.

- Slightly grilled bottom piece of the hamburger bread.
- A few slices yellow onion
- Tomato ketchup
- Original american hamburger dressing
- Sweet pickled cucumber slices
- Then the thick home made hamburger with melted cheddar cheese on top
- Hickory BBQ sauce
- A few slices of grilled bacon
- Finally the grilled top of the bread

Now u have a perfect burger to enjoy. Why not also add some nice cole slaw and frensh fries .
An icy cold Coke and u are home!