Wednesday, July 27, 2016


A simple Swedish classic dish is Pyttipanna.
Generally meat left overs from the BBQ the other day and cooked potatoes.

In this case I used:
- wild boar ,beef and chicken breasts from yesterdays BBQ
- Cooked potatoes leftovers from some other dinner this week.
- Eggs

Start up a pan with butter and oil .
Cut the meat and potatoes into nice pieces as big as u like them to be.
Start fry it in the pan. Sprinkel it with some black pepper and salt or whatever u find good.
Add some extra butter and make sure u get a nice golden brown surface .

When ready fry some eggs and let the egg yolk be runny . Add the egg on top of the meat and potatoe mix and u have a very delicious dish to enjoy.

We usually add yellow onions and sausages in the dish also and top with some potted root beet.
Potted root beet is very good to this dish.

Good luck making your own Pyttipanna!