Friday, July 1, 2016

Paella Chicken and Chorizo

What is more tasty then my mothers Paella with chicken and chorizo . Can´t get enough of it .

Recipe for 8 people depending on how hungry u are. We are though  :

- Arborio rice ( Paella rice )  8 dl
- Chicken leg filé 1,5 kg
- Chorizo sausage strong 1kg
- Yellow onion  2 big
- Red paprika 2 big
- Garlic 5-6 cloves
- White wine 5 dl
- Chicken stock 2 litres
- Green peas 0,5 kg
- Cherry tomatoes canned 0,5 kg
- Black pepper 4 table spoons
- Chilli flakes medium hot 2 table spoons
- Saffron 0,5 grams 
- Paprika powder red  3 table spoons
- Olive oil 1 dl

First u need something to cook the Paella in. For this we used a Muurikka. A kind of big wok pan with a lid. You can use other big pans also for this.

First u start frying the chicken meat. 3-4 minutes in the pan. This is nice tender meat from the chicken legs until u get some nice color.
Then adding chopped onion, paprika, garlic and chorizo. You chop as big as u like it to be.
Fry it another few minutes with the black pepper, chili powder and paprika powder. Add the cherry tomatoes. Then the wine. U can mix the saffron in the wine as it needs to be mixed in liquid before added.
Now u start adding the Arborio rice and the Chicken stock and the rest of the wine.
You lift the lid and add chicken stock now and then during the process . The rice needs to cook for about 20 minutes until ready.Put the lid on the pan for the final cooking .
You add the green peas in the last few minutes of the cooking process.
The dish takes all in all about 30 minutes . It´s ready when the rice feels al dente and most liquid is gone and u have a good Paella texture.

Important to know is that u can do this dish in 1000 different ways. Only your imagine can put a stop to it. This recipe is good though.. If you have good quality seafood nearby u for sure should make a seafood Paella with all goodies it can bring to the dish.

Why not a nice wild boar Paella with some nice smoked bacon on top.

This is a dish we for sure need to do more often. So good !