Friday, July 22, 2016

Smoked wild boar ham

Yesterday I smoked two wild boar hams. About 2-3 kgs each from a 40 kgs boar.

Started early in the morning and smoking for about 9 hours.
Preparing for the family gathering this weekend celebrating my son and wifes birthday with something good to eat. This is for sure food with some extra love in it .

I started the curing process 4 days earlier putting the ham in a curing bath containing 10% Nitrite salt 90% water.
Before I started the smoking I washed off the saltwater from the ham with cold tap water and dried it with a clean towel before hanging the meat in the smoker.
The first 6 hours teh Temperature was between 70-90 degrees celcius most of the time.
The last 3 hours higher Temperature between 90-120 . Stopping when the meat inner temperature reached 71 degrees celcius.

Used small apple wood chunks and alder wood chips as smoking material.
Also added some dried thyme herbs from the garden to add something extra to the flavors.

When ready I let the ham cool down wrapped in some aluminum foil for a few hours.
Then I cut the first test sample. Nice saltiness and smoke flavor. My wife liked the result. Good enough for me.

No need for panic start figuring out something else for the family gathering this weekend.
Proud serving this for sure.