Sunday, July 3, 2016

Smoked roe deer

Today I helped my friend Magnus to smoke two roe deer tighs.
A nice roebuck he shot the last day of the roe buck hunting season a few weeks ago.

I got the meat last Tuesday.
Cleaning it from membranes before I put it in a 10% cold saltwater marinade for  4-5 days.
Water with 10% Nitrite salt mixed.
The saltwater mix penetrates the meat about 1 cm per day from each side. 4-5 days was enough for these pieces though.

This Sunday morning it was time to smoke it.
Washed the meat from saltwater and dried it for a little while before smoking it.
Lighted the smoker and added the meat when the temperature reached about 50 degrees celcius.
I started to smoke about 07:30 AM in the morning and ended about 03:00 PM in the afternoon.
About 7,5 hour in the smoker today.
I started with a pretty low temperature 50-70 degrees Celcius the first 2-3 hours. Then increasing to 80-100 degrees celcius the next 2-3 hours and ending with 100-120 degrees celcius .
I stopped smoking when the meat temperature in the thickest part reached 68 degrees celcius.

Very happy with the result. Nice saltiness and smoke flavor.
Think 10% salt mix is perfect .

Take care!