Sunday, May 1, 2016

BBQ wild boar shoulder

Tried something new with a nice piece of wild boar shoulder .
Instead of salting the meat just before the BBQ I let the meat be marinated in salt water for a few days the same way I do when preparing meat for the smoker.
Making sure all the meat getting the same saltiness as u like it to have. It worked out well though.

Before starting the grill the meat was prepared a few hours in advance to have a chance to suck up some flavors. I picked some dry Sage and Thyme herbs from the garden and some black pepper to seasoning the meat with. I also stuffed it with pieces of garlic. Added some olive oil, pressed lemon and syrup on top of it also to make it juicy and nice.
Then it rested for a few hours before starting the grill.

When the briquettes in the grill starts to burn it´s time to start.
I like to burn each side of the meat quickly to close all the pores in the meat and close in the juices and not getting a dry meat.
When this is done after a few minutes I put the meat away from the burning briquettes in the other half of the grill where I don´t have any briquettes. Closing the grill lid avoiding the direct heat from the briquettes.
Then I flip the meat once in a while in the grill checking the color and also the inner temperature after a while. Want the meat to reach about 70 degrees Celcius in the center.

To make a little extra twist and add some extra touch and flavors to the meat I added some cognac mixed with olive oil and syrup on top just before removing the meat.
Resulting in a nice big flambé fire . Then I remove the meat from the grill.
Now the meat is ready.

A creamy garlic potatoe gratin, a nice fresh salad and some hickory BBQ sauce
together with a filly rich red wine or a glass of cold beer.
What can u say?

Heaven can wait !!