Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Beer sausage jerky

Looking for a good snack or something just to ease the hunger ?
Try out this simple recipe if u have time to wait for the final result.

A mix between beef jerky and beer sausage


Beef mince 1 kg
Salt 2 table spoons
Beer 1 dl
Sambal Olec  2 tea spoons
Garlic  4 cloves crushed
Herbs mixed 1 table spoon
Paprika powder 1 table spoon
Chilli powder 2 tea spoons
Smoke essence 2 tea spoons

Start mixing the ingredients . In this case mixed in a plastic bag. Easy to mix in . Just squeezing the bag for a while.
Then let the mix rest for a few hours so that all good flavors have some time to get married.

I have a fruit dryer machine that can be used for many different missions. Dry fruit, mushrooms, beef jerky and this jerky sausage. You can also use the basic oven for this purpose.
The temperature setting should be around 70 degrees celcius though. If u use the oven u need to keep a small open spring so that all moist have some where to disappear.

This time I mashed out the mince mix on a cutting board. Then I cut out similar big pieces with a knife and placed them in the dryer. Used my fingers and pushed out the meat as thin as possible.
The thinner slices u can get the faster they will be dried and ready. See the pictures above.

You can also use a spritser u normally use for cream and cakes. Choose what ever size and form u like it to have. Then u can also sprits sausage like forms.

Finally starting the dryer machine and starting the long wait.
This was supposed to be ready after about 8 hours but took much longer.
After 12 hours the jerky sausage was ready not any mushy red meat mix left. when u test the jerky u
get this beer sausage dry fiber feeling. U can see it with you eyes and taste it.
You can eat this mix raw also if u like but much better when dry and ready.

Now u can start o enjoy this!

The kids loves this and it won´t last for very long. Make sure u make some extra so that u and your buddies can enjoy this with a cold beer and why not bring some to the woods when out hunting.

Good luck !