Sunday, May 29, 2016

Beef tenderloin BBQ

Today is mothers day.
For sure we wanted to celebrate with something extra delicious today for dinner.
A nice piece of beef tenderloin for the grill and a piece also ended up as a Carpaccio starter .

The meat was only rubbed with crushed black pepper, salt and some nice olive oil.
Grilled for about 30 minutes maximum until temperature reached about 60 degrees Celcius in the middle of the thickest part of the meat if u like them meat medium rare.
Then it was wrapped in aluminium foil for about 10 minutes before it was sliced for the plates.

To the meat was served home made Béarnaise sauce, home made french fries and a  cherry tomato red onion salad.

The frensh fries recipe this time was for a crispier fries. You need a mealy kind of potato for the best result.
The potatoes are sliced into similar fries sizes. If u boil 2 liters of water u add 2 table spoons vinegar and 2 table spoons salt. When the water boils u add the sliced potatoes.
Then it should cook for about 15 minutes. You need to check the fries so it won´t be over cocked and start falling apart. Need to be some strength left in it.
When ready u let the fries dry on some paper for about 15 minutes. Then it´s time to add them to the frier . Now u should only fry them for a few minutes in about180 degrees Celcius.
You should only get a thin shell on the fries now.
Now u let them dry for a while again. About 15 minutes should be enough.
Then u fry them again for a few minutes until u get a nice golden brown crispy shell.
Salt them and serve together with the nice piece of meat.
You can also prepare the fries with the first fry and then freeze them until the day u need them.
The result can be even crispier then.

To this was served a nice glass of red wine!