Thursday, May 5, 2016

Satay wild boar

What is nicer then a plate with satay. One of my favorite dishes.
Why not try it with some wild boar meat instead of the traditional chicken .

Wild boar meat on wooden sticks on the grill. Marinated over night in salt, black pepper, soya sause , garlic, olive oil, and ginger.

The satay sauce:
- 4 dl salted peanuts
- 4 dl coconut milk
- 1 table spoon curry season
- 1 yellow onion
- 3 cloves garlic
- 3 table spoons soya sauce
- 1 table spoon fresh ginger
- 1 tea spoon sambal olec
- 1 table spoon olive oil
- 1 table spoon curry seasoning

Blend the peanuts until its like a porridge. Should be like fine gravel.
Heat up a pan with the oil.
Cut the onion into fine pieces and add it to the pan . Add the squeezed garlic cloves.
Add the curry and heat together for a few minutes.
Then u add the cocunut milk, sambal olec , shreded ginger and soya sauce.
Finally the peanuts.
Make sure to stir the sauce and make sure it´s not to hot so u get a burned taste.
When the peanuts are warm after just a few minutes the sauce is ready to go.

To the dish I served jasmine rice and white bread heated in the pan with oil and garlic .

Don´t need more food today for sure. So good !