Sunday, May 22, 2016

Golden spareribs

This is golden spareribs.

2 kgs spareribs

Recipe for the pre-cooking:

Onion yellow  1 big
Carrot  1
Allspice  5-10 corns
Bay leaf  1-2
Salt 3-4  table spoons

The ribs are pre-cooked for about 2 hours on a low temperature just about boiling the water.
The onion and carrot is cut in to big pieces and added together with the spices.
You need a pretty big saucepan just covering the spareribs with the water.
After about 2 hours u need to start checking the ribs . You should be able to see the meat shrinking on the rib bones. Touch it with a fork or knife to see if the meat starts to loosen from the bone.
You don´t want it to fall off from the bones to easy though. Then u will have some difficulties in the next step of the process.

When the ribs have been cooked . You can also do this work the day before.
Then it´s time for the glazing.

Recipe golden glaze:

Maple syrup  1 dl
Mustard strong 2 dl 
Orange 2
Lemon 1
Garlic  1 

While u are cooking the ribs u can start preparing the garlic for the glaze.
Turn on the oven to 150 C degrees. Let the garlic roast there for about 1 hour.

Start ripping the lemon and the orange peel for the mix. Just the surface .
Squeeze all the juices from the fruits  and add this to the mix together with the maple syrup, mustard.
When the garlic is roasted and mushy u add this to the mix.
Then u will have a nice tasty golden glaze ready for the ribs.

Now its time for the grill.
Turn on the grill. I usually only have briquettes in one half of my bowl grill. One half to grill and one
to keep it warm. When the grill is ready . Make sure u have glazed one side of the ribs u will start grilling. When u have added the ribs in the grill u brush the top side with the glaze while the other side is grilled.
I can´t grill all at once and need to move them one by one when ready to the other side of the grill just to keep it warm. Adding some extra glaze. You should not be afraid to use the glaze but make sure u have enough for all the pieces.

The grilling is to make the magic with the glaze caramelizing the ribs with a tasty surface.
This takes only a few minutes all together.

Then u have some very tasty ribs. U get this a fine salty and sweet orange and lemon taste.
For sure u can add some more spice or smoke if u feel but this is really nice and a little different.

Hope u enjoy !