Sunday, May 22, 2016

Wild boar tracked down

Vilma tracking and finding her first boar

Friday evening I went out to the woods hunting for wild boar together with my Wachtel dog Vilma.
She had to sit waiting in the car . Hopefully getting a chance to track pig later.
It was just to become dark around 22:00 when the pigs appeared from the woods.
4 young pigs around 50 kgs each.
They were very cautious and looked around. Three of them walked in to the bush again but the fourth was still staying there and looking around. I was ready and as soon as I had a clear side shot I took the chance .
It felt like a good shot in the shoulder making sure it wouldn´t last for long.
But as most of the times the pig didn´t drop on the ground directly.
It run away into the woods. I could see the direction though.

I brought in Vilma now to see if she could track down the pig. This was the first time for us doing this. Could we make it?

She was very excited and seemed to now exactly where to run.
I had her in a leash and she was pulling hard . In my other hand the rifle ready to be used if needed.
It was getting dark now and I had to use my head lamp. It was a bad terrain with bush and water sick ground and high grass.
I stopped once in a while to check around if I could see anything. For sure we could see a lot of blood in the grass. This was a very good sign. Vilma was pulling us in the correct direction.

Suddenly the pig was lying there. It was dead. The bullet hit exactly where I aimed.
Happy about the good result.
Vilma was barking like crazy and jumping on top of the pig. I was very proud and happy for her.
She needed this as she is a hunting dog and need the experience for the autumn hunting.
She got some dog candy and a lot of positive response from me. I hope and think she could feel she did a great job.

I also brought a rope this time to be able to pull the pig back to the car 30 meters away.
Wasn´t easy carrying the rifle and a dog climbing on  top of the pig all the way.

When finally at the car I new I only had about 2 more hours with work before bedtime.

What can be better then to be able get your own fine wild boar meat in the woods .
Prepare it all the way for the BBQ and SMOKER.

It´s a good feeling!