Sunday, May 8, 2016

Vilma the hunting dogs weekend

Check out this video how she reacted to the boars:

Today is my beautiful Wachtel dog Vilmas birthday. 2 years old today.
The kids served her some sausages with creame cheese as an extra treat this morning.
She didn´t complain.

Vilma is the nice family dog but she is also supposed to help out when I´m out hunting.
But I don´t put that much efforts in the hunting as we might need to do to get a good hunting dog .
If she likes it it´s good for sure but we don´t cry if not.

Yesterday we went to this nice wild animal enclosure close by where they keep moose, deers, badgers, wild boars , mouflon and now bears for dog training.

We first went to the enclosure where they keep the bears. Even though the bear walked close to the fence only 2 meters from where we stand Vilma didn´t care at all.
I have bears in the wood where I use to hunt so I´m just happy she didn´t care about it. Have no plans to hunt bears with this dog . Don´t want her to piss them off and drag them back to me while hunting.

Then we went to one of the bigger wild boar enclosures where the pigs were feeding close to the fence. Now it was interesting to see how she was going to react.
She started to bark directly and showed good interest. Very good and promising.

Later that day we got the opportunity to let Vilma in to one of the enclosures with boars to see how she reacted . In this bigger enclosure they kept eight younger boars running around in the wood.
We let Vilma loose and started follow her up in the wood to see if she could track them up.
After a while we found 3 . She started to run after them and barked. You could see the boars didn´t take this to serious. Not the first time for them.
When she got close to them she turned back to me as if asking me if she did well. She got a lot of  positive feedback and we pushed her to keep on hunting them .
She did for a while. Then she went to in a water whole to take a bath and drink. It was a warm day so I could understand her for sure.
This was a very short test lasting only about 30 minutes . We got a lot of positive feedback from the trainer . But we needed some more training he said. For sure he wanted to do some more business.

It was a nice and funny day for my Vilma.
Hopefully we can catch some boars and others games when the hunting season starts again this autumn. This was a positive signal though.

We might need some more meat by then for the Smoker and the BBQ.