Sunday, May 29, 2016

Carpaccio Ambrosia for gods

Today at mothers day we had some nice beef tenderloin for the BBQ.
But why not have a nice starter also with this fantastic meat.

Yesterday I cut off a part of the beef and put it in the freezer over night. Much easier when u slice the meat into thin slices when slightly frozen.
A plate was covered with thin slices. When time to serve sprinkled with some nice olive oil , sea salt flakes and planed fine Parmezan cheeze slices on top.

What can be more delicious.

Beef tenderloin BBQ

Today is mothers day.
For sure we wanted to celebrate with something extra delicious today for dinner.
A nice piece of beef tenderloin for the grill and a piece also ended up as a Carpaccio starter .

The meat was only rubbed with crushed black pepper, salt and some nice olive oil.
Grilled for about 30 minutes maximum until temperature reached about 60 degrees Celcius in the middle of the thickest part of the meat if u like them meat medium rare.
Then it was wrapped in aluminium foil for about 10 minutes before it was sliced for the plates.

To the meat was served home made Béarnaise sauce, home made french fries and a  cherry tomato red onion salad.

The frensh fries recipe this time was for a crispier fries. You need a mealy kind of potato for the best result.
The potatoes are sliced into similar fries sizes. If u boil 2 liters of water u add 2 table spoons vinegar and 2 table spoons salt. When the water boils u add the sliced potatoes.
Then it should cook for about 15 minutes. You need to check the fries so it won´t be over cocked and start falling apart. Need to be some strength left in it.
When ready u let the fries dry on some paper for about 15 minutes. Then it´s time to add them to the frier . Now u should only fry them for a few minutes in about180 degrees Celcius.
You should only get a thin shell on the fries now.
Now u let them dry for a while again. About 15 minutes should be enough.
Then u fry them again for a few minutes until u get a nice golden brown crispy shell.
Salt them and serve together with the nice piece of meat.
You can also prepare the fries with the first fry and then freeze them until the day u need them.
The result can be even crispier then.

To this was served a nice glass of red wine!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Wild boar tracked down

Vilma tracking and finding her first boar

Friday evening I went out to the woods hunting for wild boar together with my Wachtel dog Vilma.
She had to sit waiting in the car . Hopefully getting a chance to track pig later.
It was just to become dark around 22:00 when the pigs appeared from the woods.
4 young pigs around 50 kgs each.
They were very cautious and looked around. Three of them walked in to the bush again but the fourth was still staying there and looking around. I was ready and as soon as I had a clear side shot I took the chance .
It felt like a good shot in the shoulder making sure it wouldn´t last for long.
But as most of the times the pig didn´t drop on the ground directly.
It run away into the woods. I could see the direction though.

I brought in Vilma now to see if she could track down the pig. This was the first time for us doing this. Could we make it?

She was very excited and seemed to now exactly where to run.
I had her in a leash and she was pulling hard . In my other hand the rifle ready to be used if needed.
It was getting dark now and I had to use my head lamp. It was a bad terrain with bush and water sick ground and high grass.
I stopped once in a while to check around if I could see anything. For sure we could see a lot of blood in the grass. This was a very good sign. Vilma was pulling us in the correct direction.

Suddenly the pig was lying there. It was dead. The bullet hit exactly where I aimed.
Happy about the good result.
Vilma was barking like crazy and jumping on top of the pig. I was very proud and happy for her.
She needed this as she is a hunting dog and need the experience for the autumn hunting.
She got some dog candy and a lot of positive response from me. I hope and think she could feel she did a great job.

I also brought a rope this time to be able to pull the pig back to the car 30 meters away.
Wasn´t easy carrying the rifle and a dog climbing on  top of the pig all the way.

When finally at the car I new I only had about 2 more hours with work before bedtime.

What can be better then to be able get your own fine wild boar meat in the woods .
Prepare it all the way for the BBQ and SMOKER.

It´s a good feeling!

Golden spareribs

This is golden spareribs.

2 kgs spareribs

Recipe for the pre-cooking:

Onion yellow  1 big
Carrot  1
Allspice  5-10 corns
Bay leaf  1-2
Salt 3-4  table spoons

The ribs are pre-cooked for about 2 hours on a low temperature just about boiling the water.
The onion and carrot is cut in to big pieces and added together with the spices.
You need a pretty big saucepan just covering the spareribs with the water.
After about 2 hours u need to start checking the ribs . You should be able to see the meat shrinking on the rib bones. Touch it with a fork or knife to see if the meat starts to loosen from the bone.
You don´t want it to fall off from the bones to easy though. Then u will have some difficulties in the next step of the process.

When the ribs have been cooked . You can also do this work the day before.
Then it´s time for the glazing.

Recipe golden glaze:

Maple syrup  1 dl
Mustard strong 2 dl 
Orange 2
Lemon 1
Garlic  1 

While u are cooking the ribs u can start preparing the garlic for the glaze.
Turn on the oven to 150 C degrees. Let the garlic roast there for about 1 hour.

Start ripping the lemon and the orange peel for the mix. Just the surface .
Squeeze all the juices from the fruits  and add this to the mix together with the maple syrup, mustard.
When the garlic is roasted and mushy u add this to the mix.
Then u will have a nice tasty golden glaze ready for the ribs.

Now its time for the grill.
Turn on the grill. I usually only have briquettes in one half of my bowl grill. One half to grill and one
to keep it warm. When the grill is ready . Make sure u have glazed one side of the ribs u will start grilling. When u have added the ribs in the grill u brush the top side with the glaze while the other side is grilled.
I can´t grill all at once and need to move them one by one when ready to the other side of the grill just to keep it warm. Adding some extra glaze. You should not be afraid to use the glaze but make sure u have enough for all the pieces.

The grilling is to make the magic with the glaze caramelizing the ribs with a tasty surface.
This takes only a few minutes all together.

Then u have some very tasty ribs. U get this a fine salty and sweet orange and lemon taste.
For sure u can add some more spice or smoke if u feel but this is really nice and a little different.

Hope u enjoy !

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Beer sausage jerky

Looking for a good snack or something just to ease the hunger ?
Try out this simple recipe if u have time to wait for the final result.

A mix between beef jerky and beer sausage


Beef mince 1 kg
Salt 2 table spoons
Beer 1 dl
Sambal Olec  2 tea spoons
Garlic  4 cloves crushed
Herbs mixed 1 table spoon
Paprika powder 1 table spoon
Chilli powder 2 tea spoons
Smoke essence 2 tea spoons

Start mixing the ingredients . In this case mixed in a plastic bag. Easy to mix in . Just squeezing the bag for a while.
Then let the mix rest for a few hours so that all good flavors have some time to get married.

I have a fruit dryer machine that can be used for many different missions. Dry fruit, mushrooms, beef jerky and this jerky sausage. You can also use the basic oven for this purpose.
The temperature setting should be around 70 degrees celcius though. If u use the oven u need to keep a small open spring so that all moist have some where to disappear.

This time I mashed out the mince mix on a cutting board. Then I cut out similar big pieces with a knife and placed them in the dryer. Used my fingers and pushed out the meat as thin as possible.
The thinner slices u can get the faster they will be dried and ready. See the pictures above.

You can also use a spritser u normally use for cream and cakes. Choose what ever size and form u like it to have. Then u can also sprits sausage like forms.

Finally starting the dryer machine and starting the long wait.
This was supposed to be ready after about 8 hours but took much longer.
After 12 hours the jerky sausage was ready not any mushy red meat mix left. when u test the jerky u
get this beer sausage dry fiber feeling. U can see it with you eyes and taste it.
You can eat this mix raw also if u like but much better when dry and ready.

Now u can start o enjoy this!

The kids loves this and it won´t last for very long. Make sure u make some extra so that u and your buddies can enjoy this with a cold beer and why not bring some to the woods when out hunting.

Good luck !

Monday, May 9, 2016

Smoked lamb

The lamb shoulders have been bathing in a nitrite salt marinade for about 4-5 days now.
5-10% nitrite salt and 1% sugar added to cold water.  No need to heat up the water.

Taste the marinade. The saltiness u feel now is the same u will feel when the meat is ready to eat.
Everything depends how salty u like it to be.
The salt penetrates about 2 cms per day. 1 cm from each side sort of speak.
But the meat will only be as salty as the marinade so 1-2 extra days doesn´t matter like in this case.

Early this morning I light the smoker . Prepared it yesterday with wood to be used for the fire and smoke.
I washed the meat with cold fresh water to remove salt on the outside to avoid white salt stains when smoked. Nicer without . Then dried off with a clean towel before hanged on hooks in the smoker.
The first 3-4 hours the temperature was very low about 50-60 degrees Celcius.
Then slowly increasing the temperature up to 90-100 degrees Celcius .
Can be tricky to keep a steady heat only using wood . Alder wood and some Appel wood was used.
Also alder chips as base for the smoke. Added some Juniper chips and dried herbs from the garden also .
In the end finishing with a handful sugar thrown in the fire to create a golden brown smoke covering the meat giving it a beautiful final touch.

After about 6 hours the meat inner temperature reached 70 degrees Celcius.
Then it was time to remove it from the smoker.

Then cut a slice, test it and note success. Looked, smelled and tasted as expected .
Tastes even better when cooling down for a while. Covered in foil now to close in the moist and flavors.

We´ll see what we gonna do with it . Eat it as is or maybe tomorrows dinner with something good added . Have to think?  and get back.....



Sunday, May 8, 2016

Grilled chicken breasts and fries

A simple but so good Sunday dinner. The kids love it.
Grilled chicken breasts seasoned with a lot of different spices and herbs salt and mixed pepper, corn oil and syrup .  Served with fried french fries and some Texas hickory grill sauce and Bearnaise.
Today nothing green.

It works x!

Vilma the hunting dogs weekend

Check out this video how she reacted to the boars:

Today is my beautiful Wachtel dog Vilmas birthday. 2 years old today.
The kids served her some sausages with creame cheese as an extra treat this morning.
She didn´t complain.

Vilma is the nice family dog but she is also supposed to help out when I´m out hunting.
But I don´t put that much efforts in the hunting as we might need to do to get a good hunting dog .
If she likes it it´s good for sure but we don´t cry if not.

Yesterday we went to this nice wild animal enclosure close by where they keep moose, deers, badgers, wild boars , mouflon and now bears for dog training.

We first went to the enclosure where they keep the bears. Even though the bear walked close to the fence only 2 meters from where we stand Vilma didn´t care at all.
I have bears in the wood where I use to hunt so I´m just happy she didn´t care about it. Have no plans to hunt bears with this dog . Don´t want her to piss them off and drag them back to me while hunting.

Then we went to one of the bigger wild boar enclosures where the pigs were feeding close to the fence. Now it was interesting to see how she was going to react.
She started to bark directly and showed good interest. Very good and promising.

Later that day we got the opportunity to let Vilma in to one of the enclosures with boars to see how she reacted . In this bigger enclosure they kept eight younger boars running around in the wood.
We let Vilma loose and started follow her up in the wood to see if she could track them up.
After a while we found 3 . She started to run after them and barked. You could see the boars didn´t take this to serious. Not the first time for them.
When she got close to them she turned back to me as if asking me if she did well. She got a lot of  positive feedback and we pushed her to keep on hunting them .
She did for a while. Then she went to in a water whole to take a bath and drink. It was a warm day so I could understand her for sure.
This was a very short test lasting only about 30 minutes . We got a lot of positive feedback from the trainer . But we needed some more training he said. For sure he wanted to do some more business.

It was a nice and funny day for my Vilma.
Hopefully we can catch some boars and others games when the hunting season starts again this autumn. This was a positive signal though.

We might need some more meat by then for the Smoker and the BBQ.

Appel wood and Nitrite salt ready for the smoker

Now I´m feeling really prepared for the smoker !

The nice appel wood I got from my neighbor is cut up in small wood pieces in pefect size for my smoker. Fruit trees are perfect to use when smoking. Giving a nice flavor to the meat.
Also got nitrite salt to last me for many years to come. Nitrite salt killing any bacteria that might grow in the meat and it also giving a beautiful redish color to the meat.

I have fresh wild boar meat and I have a lot of alder wood chips just waiting to be used.
I have a nice plan for next weekend and it won´t be pig this time though.

The plan is smoked lamb shoulder. We´ll see.

To be continued....

Saturday, May 7, 2016

BBQ pork chops

Another beautiful  BBQ day.

Dinner today grilled pork chops seasoned with salt and mixed crushed pepper.
Some oil and syrup on top.

Potato halves, carrots and parsnips and garlic salted, seasoned with some different herbs.
Olive oil and syrup and then in the oven for about 30 minutes.
The parsnips are so sweet and nice mixed with the potatoes.

Served with grill sauce or/and some Bearnaise sauce. Just wonderful.

One or two cold beer to this is just about perfect!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Satay wild boar

What is nicer then a plate with satay. One of my favorite dishes.
Why not try it with some wild boar meat instead of the traditional chicken .

Wild boar meat on wooden sticks on the grill. Marinated over night in salt, black pepper, soya sause , garlic, olive oil, and ginger.

The satay sauce:
- 4 dl salted peanuts
- 4 dl coconut milk
- 1 table spoon curry season
- 1 yellow onion
- 3 cloves garlic
- 3 table spoons soya sauce
- 1 table spoon fresh ginger
- 1 tea spoon sambal olec
- 1 table spoon olive oil
- 1 table spoon curry seasoning

Blend the peanuts until its like a porridge. Should be like fine gravel.
Heat up a pan with the oil.
Cut the onion into fine pieces and add it to the pan . Add the squeezed garlic cloves.
Add the curry and heat together for a few minutes.
Then u add the cocunut milk, sambal olec , shreded ginger and soya sauce.
Finally the peanuts.
Make sure to stir the sauce and make sure it´s not to hot so u get a burned taste.
When the peanuts are warm after just a few minutes the sauce is ready to go.

To the dish I served jasmine rice and white bread heated in the pan with oil and garlic .

Don´t need more food today for sure. So good !

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

BBQ champions beef with asparagus

Tonight we grilled some nice beef  seasoned with some salt and mixed crushed pepper together with champions and asparagus  sprinkled with olive oil and salt. Served with some oven fried potato halves with oil, salt and garlic .

A pretty simple clean dish but so fresh and good.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

BBQ wild boar shoulder

Tried something new with a nice piece of wild boar shoulder .
Instead of salting the meat just before the BBQ I let the meat be marinated in salt water for a few days the same way I do when preparing meat for the smoker.
Making sure all the meat getting the same saltiness as u like it to have. It worked out well though.

Before starting the grill the meat was prepared a few hours in advance to have a chance to suck up some flavors. I picked some dry Sage and Thyme herbs from the garden and some black pepper to seasoning the meat with. I also stuffed it with pieces of garlic. Added some olive oil, pressed lemon and syrup on top of it also to make it juicy and nice.
Then it rested for a few hours before starting the grill.

When the briquettes in the grill starts to burn it´s time to start.
I like to burn each side of the meat quickly to close all the pores in the meat and close in the juices and not getting a dry meat.
When this is done after a few minutes I put the meat away from the burning briquettes in the other half of the grill where I don´t have any briquettes. Closing the grill lid avoiding the direct heat from the briquettes.
Then I flip the meat once in a while in the grill checking the color and also the inner temperature after a while. Want the meat to reach about 70 degrees Celcius in the center.

To make a little extra twist and add some extra touch and flavors to the meat I added some cognac mixed with olive oil and syrup on top just before removing the meat.
Resulting in a nice big flambé fire . Then I remove the meat from the grill.
Now the meat is ready.

A creamy garlic potatoe gratin, a nice fresh salad and some hickory BBQ sauce
together with a filly rich red wine or a glass of cold beer.
What can u say?

Heaven can wait !!

Preparing the Wild boar meat

The wild boar I shot Wednesday evening have now been hanging in the garage for a few days and is now ready to be cut up in parts.
A few hours later cut and packed.

You get some nice quality ribs, steaks, filés, loins etc.

Feels good to have some nice meat prepared and ready for the grill or smoker this summer.